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The Multi Mini Rhinobar is a precision engineered three tube hydrodynamic Barfeeder for high speed, small diameter applications. It is designed for use with Swiss-style CNC screw machines up to 20 mm capacity as well as small capacity fixed head stock lathes. The bar feeder makes multiple-stock-diameter indexing simple, combining three sizes of feedtubes inside the standard aluminum barrel. A rotary union at the rear of the barrel distributes oil flow only into the in-service feedtube. Tube cartridges are available in three size ranges for increased productivity.

The Multi Mini helps achieve maximum through put for high-production runs of automotive components, medical devices, motor shafts and other small-diameter parts. Two models are available for processing either 6 or 12 foot bar stock.

The Multi Mini has ergonomic design features and upgraded safety interlock system, and includes a front swing-out mechanism for fast and easy reloading of bar stock.

Working on the hydrodynamic principle of supporting the bar stock in an oil bath, oil fills the gap between the bar stock and the feed tube. As the bar begins to turn, hydrodynamic forces move it toward the center on the feed tube. Centering forces are amplified as bar speed increases.

The outer barrel is a precision-extruded aluminum tube, held in place with a single clamp to further minimize barrel vibration and control Z-axis motion. A removable pendant allows the operator to control the bar feeder remotely, while a positive pusher retention system ensures high efficiency operation with minimal labor.

The compact size of the Multi Mini Rhinobar makes it suitable for small or large shops. The 6 foot bar model has an overall length of only 11 feet while the 12 foot bar machine model spans 17 feet.